wear a mask

Now is not the time to be lackadaisical regarding how you conduct yourself against the pandemic. Despite the fact that we have been in Phase 2 for a considerable amount of time, does not mean that we are equipped to handle the start of Phase 3. This became evidently clear recently when the Government of Ontario announced on September 8th: “Ontario is pausing further reopening of business facilities and organizations for 28 days, to allow the government time to assess the impacts of Stage 3.”

This announcement from the government does not come as a surprise though. There was a concerning report released just three days prior to the government’s statement on pausing stage 2 with CBC’s coverage stating that “Ontario reports 169 new COVID-19 cases, highest daily case count since late July”.

The most worrying part of this report isn’t entirely the number of cases reported but that of when the total was last this high, which was July 24th, exactly one month after the start of Phase 2. To confirm this report the City of Toronto has created a timeline for which you follow the pandemic. Thus, we have arrived at an impasse in terms of getting the province fully open again. Even though it is uncertain when Ontario will return to its full capabilities, it is important instead focus on what you can control.

With the Pandemic bringing regular uncertainty around every turn the most important thing you should be deciding on next is how you choose to protect yourself. It’s common knowledge that you should be washing your hands frequently and sanitizing regularly but it needs to go one step further. Wearing a custom printed mask when you travel around can provide you with the safety and style that you are looking for. However, just wearing a mask is not enough. John Hopkins University released a simple and informative explanation on proper mask etiquette for your day-to-day life. In this article, the researchers over at John Hopkins go in-depth on the various ways in which you need to be wearing and taking care of your mask so that you can get the most out of it to protect you and your loved ones. Once you understand the consequences of incorrect mask etiquette and the benefits of proper etiquette, you can make sure you are safe from any potential problems the virus might cause you.

wear a mask

If you need more incentive to go out and get yourself a mask there is a report from the Horizon Health Network outlining 5 ways in which wearing masks help everyone around you. The article helps you be more aware of how the mask is an essential indicator of social distancing and how it aids your local community. Now, even though you might want to put your best foot forward regarding how you can protect your community, your family has always been your number one priority. While there are various ways to ensure your family’s protection, it is important to consider how you need to combat the virus once schools re-open, while also being informed about the national spread. CTV News shows how the virus has moved through Canada as well as, active case limits and concerns your child’s school protection plan. By doing this you can make an informed decision with your children, such as practicing social distancing techniques and the aforementioned mask etiquette. 

Speaking of which one of the easiest ones is to look for custom masks from a local supplier. One that comes to mind is customppe.ca which features a multitude of ways to get your custom printed masks, whether it be for yourself, your business, or your family and friends. There are a lot of options to get the personalized face mask that you desire, so feel free to get creative with various custom face mask printing options.

In summary, just because it may feel like the pandemic is over due to more public activity at restaurants and stores does not mean that it is. COVID-19 is still as pertinent and potent as when the first cases were reported. So, it is of momentous importance to take the necessary precautions recommended by health professionals, by doing so you won’t just be saving your life, you’ll be saving somebody else’s which is equally as valuable.