With the COVID-19 pandemic not going anywhere anytime soon, it’s not too late to promote your business with custom printed face masks. Whether you plan to supply protective face masks for your employees, sell them for a profit, or hand them out as a promotional item, you can spread brand awareness throughout your community. 

Custom printed face masks have become a popular and efficient strategy to spread your business’ message. With nearly everybody forced to wear masks in public, face masks have become a prime location for your business logo. 

A protective and comfortable face mask can go a long way in helping you spread the word about your business. Let’s look at how you can use custom printed face masks to promote your business in your community.

Coordinate with Uniforms

promote business with face mask

For employees, you can order custom-printed face masks to match the uniform they wear at work. It can become a part of the uniform to help them stand out from your customers. If your employees wear a blue shirt with yellow lettering, order custom face masks in the same shade of blue with the same shade of yellow for your business logo.

Instead of allowing employees to wear whatever mask they want, make your business face masks a part of the uniform. The uniformity of matching face masks keeps everybody looking sharp, and employees might even wear your mask outside your business to spread even more brand awareness.

Hand Out Custom Printed Face Masks

Everybody needs multiple masks these days, and they have become a bit of a fashion trend. You can hand out custom printed face masks with your business logo on them for others to wear everywhere they go. Very few people will turn down a free face mask, and many will wear it if it’s comfortable and looks nice.

With plenty of masks to hand out, you can have your logo on faces throughout your community. Some people might even wear your face mask to help support your small business.

Sell Masks for a Profit

Of course, you can also add masks to your store and sell them for a profit. They can still include your logo, especially if you have a brand people already wear on t-shirts and other items.

There is nothing wrong with making a profit from selling custom-printed face masks. It can add revenue to your business and promote your business on the faces of thousands of people across Canada. Selling our sublimated masks offers one of the best options for profiting from face coverings.

Build a Reputation

promote business with face mask

If you give away or sell custom printed face masks, you will become associated with those trying to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. This helps build your business’s reputation by using face masks to promote your company.

There are several ways to promote your business with custom printed face masks. Whether you make them a part of the employee uniform, sell masks for a profit, or decide to give them away as a promotional tool, you can spread the word fast. Imagine if hundreds, even thousands of people in your community were wearing your logo on their faces.