It has been several months since our country has been shut down because of the increasing cases of COVID-19; however, the Canadian government is looking to ease the shutdown and allow students to get back to school. To ensure students’ and teachers’ safety when schools reopen, some back-to-school essentials are highly recommended.

Is School Reopening Safe Right Now?

Many measures are being put in place to ascertain students’ safety and everyone else involved in running day-to-day school activities. School busses, which typically carry up to 72 students, would only carry 24 students per trip. Some parents that own a car can choose to drive their kids to school conveniently.

On the other hand, different schools have assured that they’d provide all the necessary gear and equipment to prevent their students from contracting the virus. Also, schools are expected to carry out thorough cleaning at least twice a day, as well as wipe-down the railings and doorknobs quite frequently. This will obviously cost the school additional expenses, and it’s not yet certain who will pay for this; either the school is left to take care of the cost or the government will pay for additional cleaning supplies and personal protective equipment (PPE) for teachers.

Apparently, there will be a lot of changes to how schools will operate and teach their students in various ways. While there are lots of uncertainties about the provision of protective gear for returning students in regards to reopening school during COVID-19 pandemic, here are the back-to-school essentials you should consider to get for your child or students.

Back-To-School Essentials

These supplies should be unique to each child since we’re still in a pandemic.

school during covid-19

Masks and Face Coverings

The Center for Disease Control has maintained its stand that students and teachers should always put on their masks and/or face coverings to prevent them from contracting the virus.

However, it all comes down to getting high-quality masks and face coverings as many different varieties are out there in the market.

CustomPPE designs premium custom masks and face-covering with the brand, company, school logos printed on them. This custom made gear (masks and face coverings) is crafted with durable materials; they are highly flexible and provide maximal comfort.

CustomPPE has various designs and sizes of face coverings/ masks available for students and teachers going back to school during the COVID-19 pandemic.

For the health and safety of students and staff, masks or face coverings are required indoors on school property.

This decision is informed by the City of Toronto requirement that anyone aged two years and older must wear a mask/ face-covering in indoor public spaces, with possible exemptions. The requirement for all school board staff to wear medical masks follows the direction of the Ministry of Education.

It is a recommendation from health officials to use non-medical custom face masks to help reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19 and to act as an additional personal layer of protection.

As this is an important measure we must all take and it is an official step we all take forward in this new normal – wearing a mask is an acceptable Canadian behaviour we can all commit to.

Hand Sanitizers

Hand sanitizers are among the essential supplies for students and teachers as school’s resumption draws closer. Parents and teachers are to teach their children how and when to clean hands regularly using hand sanitizers. However, it is expected that schools make provisions for students to constantly wash their hands, as well as introduce a schedule for frequent hand hygiene.

Other School Essentials

While face coverings, masks, and hand sanitizers remain the core essentials for schools reopening, other back-to-school supplies are still useful. Students returning to school are expected to resume with typical back-to-school supplies such as notebooks, pens, lunchbox, and others. CustomPPE is located in Ontario, Canada, and manufactures safe, high quality (branded) masks and face coverings. You can order this custom-made protective equipment for kids and adults when returning to school during COVID-19.

When worn properly, a person wearing a non-medical mask or face covering can reduce the spread of his or her own infectious respiratory droplets. Reusable masks can be used daily but need to be washed in hot water frequently.