Did you know we can feature your business logo on a custom face mask? It’s common practice for businesses to use promotional gear, such as pens, cups, t-shirts, and more, to spread brand awareness. However, in the era of COVID-19, custom face masks can also be used for advertising.

With a custom printed faced mask, you can advertise your business to everybody walking past the person wearing your mask. There are several ways you can turn this into excellent advertising for your business. Branded face masks are one of the hottest promotional items being used right now, as they have created a whole new type of “face advertising” never seen before.

According to Health Canada, wearing a mask should be done in any shared space, indoors and outdoors. These locations include your place of business, parks, homes, retail stores, recreational settings, public transportation, and more.

What if some of those masks featured your business logo?

If you’re ready to advertise your business with custom face masks, we can do it. Here are some ways to get your custom logo face masks out into the public to spread brand awareness:

face masks fo advertising

Provide Masks for Your Employees

You can make your custom face masks a part of the uniform at your place of business. Provide each employee with three or four masks and replace them as necessary. They will likely wear them to work and then to the store on the way home, when they stop at a restaurant, or anywhere else they go. 

If your masks are attractive and comfortable, your employees will even wear them when they are not working. In fact, they may prefer your breathable mask over disposable masks, or ones bought from Amazon. However, it is essential to provide enough masks that your employees can wash after each use throughout the week.

Give Away or Sell Masks

You can give away custom face masks for advertising, or you can sell them. Everybody needs to have multiple masks if they plan to leave their home. If you have a brand that you already promote with clothing and other merchandise, you can upgrade your brand on masks and sell them.

For businesses not using merchandise for advertising, try giving away masks to customers. Free face masks will likely get worn, allowing the public to see your business logo throughout your community. If giving masks away as a promotional item, less expensive 2-layer masks are an excellent option.

Donate Custom Face Masks for Advertising

face masks for advertising

Charities need to equip their employees and volunteers with masks. You can be the one providing those masks by donating your branded face masks for charities to sell or give away as they see fit. This is a great way to get your mask on more faces and out into the public.

With masks becoming more likely to be around for 2021 and potentially beyond, custom face masks are essential for advertising your business. Imagine if your logo was on a large percentage of the people out in your community. Your brand has the chance to become more recognizable, and you can gain new customers by using custom face masks for advertising.