The right custom face mask will not only help to protect your employees, but also promote your business. With the best face mask for your business, you can show off your logo, gain brand awareness, and keep people protected from COVID-19.

With mask recommendations and mandates from the CDC, WHO, and many governments across the world including Health Canada, keeping a good stock of custom face masks for your workers is important. You can supply all employees with face masks, along with handing them out to customers for better brand awareness.

Choosing the right custom face mask for your business isn’t as easy as it might sound. If you don’t choose correctly, people won’t wear your mask. Let’s look at some of the key things to consider when choosing a custom face mask to represent your business.

Top 4 Things to Consider When Choosing a Face Mask

Custom Face Masks for Your Business | Custom PPE Canada

1. Comfort Level

Of course, the number one thing you want to consider is how comfortable the face mask will be. If it’s not comfortable, nobody will wear it for very long. You will have employees showing up in their own masks instead of those you provided.

Avoid itchy fabrics and elastic loops that are too tight. Make sure the mask is breathable and will stay in place on your face. Cloth or cotton masks offer great options for comfort and breathability, such as the 2-Layer Cotton/Spandex Reusable Mask.

2. Style

There are several great custom face mask styles to choose from. Make sure you get the style that fits best with your brand. This could be a solid color with your logo or a pattern. The key is to fit the colors and style to your brand and the message you want to send.

Along with colors and patterns, you can also choose between gaiter and earloop style masks. Gaiter masks might work best for those working outside or for those working in colder temperatures. Both offer something a little bit different to represent your brand.

3. Quality

If you choose a low-quality mask you will need to replace it often. Make sure you look at the quality of the fabric before you decide on a mask to represent your brand. It’s best to choose high-quality materials to ensure your masks last longer than others.

4. Logo Placement & Size

Some companies limit how large your logo can be, while others allow it to be as large as you would like. Some masks come with a specific placement of the logo, as well. Make sure the logo placement and size will fit your needs before placing your custom face mask order.

If your purpose is for promotion and advertising, you may want a larger more visible logo. If your masks are for employee everyday use, you may want a more subtle logo printed, potentially in the bottom corner as opposed to the centre of the cheek.

There are many things to consider when choosing a custom face mask for your business. Whether you’re planning to give them away, sell them, or provide masks for your employees, the right mask will help create brand awareness.

However, if you don’t choose the correct style, color, and quality, you could end up with a mask that doesn’t properly represent your business that people won’t wear. Make sure you take the time to choose a high-quality custom face mask for your business.