COVID-19 has impacted people all across the globe. Whether you run a business in Canada or Japan, you’re probably wondering if you should use custom face masks. 

What are Custom Face Masks?

Custom face masks provide a protective face mask made of cotton, polyester, spandex, or another breathable material. These masks are customized with your business logo or message, allowing you to promote your brand. 

You can find custom face masks in an adjustable two-layer style or the neck gaiter style. They even come in youth sizes and with three-layer options to add a removable filter. 

Why Businesses Should Use Custom Face Masks

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There are several reasons why businesses should use custom face masks. Probably the most important reason is to show you care. When you provide custom face masks to your employees, they will understand that you care about them and want them to stay protected during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Of course, another big reason why your business should use custom face masks is simply so you can reopen. Many cities across the world won’t allow your business to reopen without specific things in place. One of those regulations is likely that all employees and customers wear some form of face covering. With the CDC now recommending people wear two masks, it’s even more important for your business to use custom face masks. 

3 More Reasons Your Business Should Use Custom Face Masks

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1. Spreads Brand Awareness

While providing custom face masks for your employees certainly helps spread brand awareness, you can take it further. You can give away or sell custom face masks representing your business to spread your brand further.

It depends on your brand, as customers might not want to pay to wear your logo on their face. However, if you’re already selling other custom merchandise with your logo, they will likely be happy to buy a mask from you.

Many businesses which have a brand following, such as restaurants, breweries, or specialty shops, already sell branded merchandise. Adding masks with custom logos or branding provides you with an additional revenue stream and allows your customers to represent your name on their face when in public proudly.

If your brand doesn’t fit with this model, you can hand out masks for free with your logo on them. Everybody needs to have multiple masks to keep a clean one handy whenever it’s necessary. By giving away free face masks, you can spread brand awareness throughout your community.

2. Positive Impact on Your Community

By providing masks, you’ll have the ability to positively impact your community. You can get your brand in front of new people and protect others at the same time. You can even get your custom face masks printed and donate them to a cause that needs them in your community. Maybe a local charity can donate and use your masks for their employees and volunteers.

3. Makes Things Easier on Employees

Your employees already have enough to worry about. They have to keep their family safe, put food on the table, and make sure bills are paid. Giving them a few custom face masks for free will take one of those worries off their plate. 

Your business should be using custom face masks for promotion and to keep people safe from COVID-19. Whether you choose an adjustable earloop mask or a neck gaiter, customizing it with your logo will help spread your brand throughout your community.

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