As a small business, you have to adhere to specific regulations to keep your doors open. It has been a rough year for most business owners, but there are things you can do to make it better.

Wearing a mask is becoming as common as putting on sunglasses in today’s world. This opens up new opportunities for small businesses to promote their brand with custom face masks. Here’s a quick guide to help you understand how custom face masks can promote your business and help you grow even during the pandemic we currently face.

How to Customize Your Face Masks

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When you choose the right supplier for your custom face masks, you’ll be able to add your business logo to the mask. Choose the style of mask you prefer from options, such as:

Of course, you can choose to get a mixture of the styles and let employees and customers choose the one they prefer from your stock.

Once you’ve chosen the mask style you prefer, you can customize it by adding your logo. Choose the colour that works best for your needs and add your logo directly onto the mask. Every person wearing your masks now becomes a billboard for your company, and you’ve just taken up a prime location right on their face.

When choosing a custom face mask, you can design your mask with a single-colour logo which is more cost-effective, or you can opt you have your logo printed in full-colour on the mask. If budget permits, you may even opt to buy fully-sublimated face masks, which allow you to decorate the entire front of the mask with your design or branding. 

Caring for Your Custom Face Masks

When you decide to provide your employees with masks or even sell them in your business, it’s important to provide simple care instructions. You want the custom face masks you choose to last as long as possible to gain maximum brand awareness. Here are the simple care instructions you want to provide with every mask.

  1. Wash in warm water with mild detergent only – This will help kill germs and maintain the logo.
  2. Never use a drying machine. Instead, air dry masks to protect the logo.
  3. Custom face masks should never be ironed. 

With these simple care instructions, your masks will last longer.

Make Sure the Masks are Comfortable

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The biggest mistake any small business can make with a custom face mask is choosing an uncomfortable option. If it’s not comfortable, people may not want to wear your masks, or they might end up with bad habits. This would lead to non-conformance for staff wearing the masks, or a lack of your marketing dollars working to promote your brand/

Adjustable masks are great because they can fit multiple sizes, making them a bit more comfortable. Usually, adjustable masks also have a metal nose piece or wire, which you can tighten around your nose, helping the mask stay snug around the face and preventing fogging for glasses wearers.

Consider the type of activity your workers will do when choosing custom face masks. If they are standing still in air conditioning, you might want a three-layer mask. However, if they move around quite a bit, a neck gaiter or two-layer mask will provide a better option.

Workplaces should provide anybody working outside with a neck gaiter. This includes those working in construction, HVAC, paving, lawn care, or any other outside job, even when it’s cold. CustomPPE offers many solutions for both masks and neck gaiters and can even create a custom solution for your business needs.

Neck gaiters also work great for those working by themselves and not in need of wearing a mask. They can wear it around their neck and pull it up when they contact someone.

With the COVID-19 pandemic not going anywhere anytime soon, it’s more important than ever for your small business to use custom face masks.

custom masks made in canada