There are several types of coronavirus face masks you can use and provide for your employees. When you’re trying to figure out which one is best, you should know the best use for each Coronavirus face mask.

Let’s look at the most common types of face masks for COVID-19 and their best uses.

7 Common Coronavirus Face Masks and What to Use Them For

coronavirus mask

1. Adjustable 2-Layer Coronavirus Face Mask

One of the most common face masks you will find is the two-layer adjustable mask. 2-layer face masks are made with different fabrics for the layers. Depending on the materials used, these face masks may be as high as 95% effective or as low as 20% effective.

This coronavirus face mask can be used for everyday tasks where you won’t be in close contact with others.

2. Disposable Surgical Masks

We’ve all seen the disposable blue surgical masks, which are very popular. They can filter out about 60% of inhaled particles, but they are mainly used to prevent droplets and splatters.  Individuals should never use disposable masks more than once!

3. Adjustable 3-Layer Coronavirus Face Mask with Filter

three-layer face mask already has an added layer of protection with the third layer. When it also includes a filter, this can add even more protection, depending on the filter. However, if the mask has an exhalation valve or vend, it won’t provide much protection against COVID-19.

If your employees work closely together, this type of mask offers a better choice compared to the two-layer face mask.

4. Cone-style Coronavirus Face masks

Another type you’ve probably seen is the white cone-style face mask. This mask fits snugly over the mouth and nose and provides a metal strip for fitting across the nose. 

While a cone-style mask is known to be more effective than a simple bandana, they have shown, these masks are not as effective as cotton two-layer or three-layer coronavirus masks. They should only be used when another type of Coronavirus mask isn’t available.

coronavirus mask

5. Cotton Multifunctional Gaiter

Those looking for a great outdoor face mask during these times will love the cotton gaiter mask. It’s an appropriate choice for working outside since it covers the mouth and nose but still allows you to breathe a little easier. 

Cotton gaiters tend to be a better choice compared to those made from a synthetic fabric. Gaiters are not a recommended choice for indoor use, but they work well for outdoor use.

6. N95 Masks

Also known as the gold standard, N95 masks will filter out 95% of particles from the air. These masks must be properly fitted, and they are challenging to find. However, they are one of the few masks designed to protect you and not others. N95 masks are typically reserved for healthcare workers and frontline employees.

7. Bandanas

While a triangular or square bandana can offer some protection, they are not the best choice on this list. They won’t provide much protection from droplets or sprays, and they won’t protect you much either. Only use a bandana when there is no other option.

These are the most common types of coronavirus face masks. If you’re looking for branded face masks for your employees, we have plenty of options. Check out our selection of fully customizable Coronavirus Face Masks at Custom PPE today